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Is this really for real?

When was the last time you watched something that cringe-worthy?

My favourite quotes (ohh but there are so many):

2:41 - "Ohh you went straight to the activities?!?"  - What the.....?

3:12 - "I just left computer on and running and let folks mess around with it, right?" - Dunno about you, but NO WAY!  As the ISP bill payer, I like having the internet.... and my freedom from incarceration...

4:02 - "make something your demonstrating personal to someone at the party" - And here's some long range photos of [guest x] in the shower, taking out the trash, getting in the car etc etc 

I also like the way the oven clock in the background looses and then gains several hours over the course of the video.

The best part is that it is real:

Jiminy Jillikers - I can't wait to attend one....! (actually no thanks)

- Chris