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Windows, Linux, Virtualisation, Unified Computing & Cloud Offerings Design Engineer.

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About is the personal blog of all things technology related maintained by me, Chris Hall.

Back in 2008 / 2009 I began to find that I needed somewhere to jot ideas, tips, tricks, fixes to issues I, my peers and no doubt others were seeing on an almost daily basis within our work and sometimes home lives. The idea of putting together pieces of technology not originally intended to work together to make something totally new and innovative was another reason to start blogging.

Back then the blog was hosted on Blogger as “What the…..?” blog. What the as in “What the….. am I going to call this thing?”

Some 145+ blog posts later, here we are at What the’s new resting place;

The name polarclouds comes from those super cool stratospheric beautiful whips of cloud that appear in the the twilight hours in the arctic and antarctic polar regions.

To the layperson, a polar cloud looks beautiful just hanging there stationary in the twilight sun.

To those in the know, a polar cloud is actually a fast moving, constantly changing mass of tiny moving parts coming together to make something cohesive.

Polar clouds – constantly changing, constantly adapting, constantly looking beautiful, constantly at peace with their environment…

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