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With over 10,000 hits coming from America alone, it was decided that this year's What the.....? Blog tour should be to go visit Uncle Sam - to say thank you in person like.

Besides, it's been a while since the What the.....? UK team and the What the.....? US team have had a get together.  Well, as you know, the team like to spare zero expense on these tours.

Day 1
The level of expenditure was pretty evident when we hit the airport.  The kind production team had chartered us our own jet!

The fact that we had to share with the Swedish all ladies cheerleader squad, just seemed to add to the excitement....

Once we landed and had picked up our limo:

We hit the streets.  First to was a gas station for supplies as strangely the limo had zero gas:

After that, we found the hotel:

And settled our selves in for the rest of the afternoon. With that much fudge on tap, we knew we were in for a great time!

Soon it was time for some dinner, so back into the the limo.  We eventually found a place:

mmmm the pork was just cracking.  Back to the hotel for some shut eye... and more fudge.

Day 2
Up early and flushed, we hit the road.  Today were due to visit the US What the.....? team at their offices:


We all felt proud as we pulled up out front.

After a very quick tour of the desk, we were where whisked off to our very own book signing event at Pack Place:

The crowd looked 'bitchin'.  What The.....? book we hear you say.  Well, here you go:


Yeah.  We were thrilled with it too.

After 30 mins of signing, we were bushed.  Back to the hotel for a wash and bush up (and yet more fudge).

For dinner the US team had laid on an all American treat:

man this was livin.

Day 3
Up early again to the sound of fresh fudge being made, we called the US team.  Turns out for our last day in town they had laid on a street party style send off.  WOW!!!

Luckily we managed to grab a photo before the riot police turned up:

With that we were rushed out of the country post haste.

Well there you have it readers another successful Blog Tour. We loved it too!