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As last Thursday (April 8th) saw the Beta 2 release of Ubuntu v10.04-LTS (Long Term Support), I thought I would give this new version a trial run on my test-bed laptop.

Besides I was getting bored with running Windows 7 release candidate and it's bi-hourly reboots.

Also as this is a beta, and I've had such success using UNetbootin to create a VMware ESX 4.0 bootable installer USB, I'm going to have a bash at creating a bootable Ubuntu USB installer - (yet another first for me!)

Test-Bed Laptop
Nothing flash.  A Dell Latitude D600 with:
  • 1.4GHz Pentium M
  • 1Gb RAM
  • Intel 2200BG 54Mb Wireless
  • Secondary (modular bay) battery
(Yes, I agree, it did struggle somewhat to run Windows 7!)

Creating USB Installer
I've decided to make this into another post - See HERE

Nothing much untoward, looks like the installer application has a fresh new look, but other than that, standard easy to follow fare.

First Impressions
WOW! Looks good... Very good... Continuing from the last release, v9.10 - See my Installation guide HERE  Once again, there was no post install playing around required.  Everything just ...worked!

Here are some eye candy and comments:

Desktop.  Also both batteries!

Start Menu
Wa-hey! The brown is gone!

File explorer. Nice and simple
Seems to make more sense than previous versions

Progress dialogue
The red certainly does stand out!

I've also installed Balck and White Firefox persona

Remote Desktop with built in RDP client

All in all, I think you'll agree, looking very nice!

Also compared to Windows 7, this old laptop is flying once again.  A real performance boost from the old girl!

According to the final 10.04 release is on 28th April. Not long to wait now!!

- Chris