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So you have got a High Definition Television.  You have also taken the plunge and gone for a Sky HD box (other HD solutions are available).  You have even connected the two together using a propper HDMI cable and you have configured the two to use HD across the board.

So you sit down to watch some nice HD TV.

You spot your chosen TV channel's little 'HD' logo in the top corner, so you know that you are watching a HD channel. 

Final question; how do you know that the TV programme you are watching on your nice HD setup was actually filmed in HD?  Sure you could confirm by simply looking at the picture* but can you be 100% sure every time that the TV station isn't simply upscaling a standard definition programme?

If you are a Sky HD customer, then the fix is simple.  Configure your HD box to highlight programmes originating in HD in the TV Guide, like this:

Here is how to configure your Sky HD box to do the same.  All actions are done via the remote control.

1.  Whilst watching Sky HD, press Services button:

2.  Press Blue down navigation button, to highlight centre bar.

3.  Press Blue right navigation button to scroll to the CUSTOMISE option:

4.   Press Blue down navigation button, to select Highlight Programmes Originated in HD option.

5.  Press Blue right navigation button to enable the option (set it to ON):

6.  Press Green button to save changes.

7. Press Backup button to exit.

Job done.  Now you know that you are watching HD!

*Re spotting a HD picture: Hmm OK, how do I put this politely?
Here goes:  In my very limited experience, through a very small straw pole of asking friends etc, I have noticed that female of the human species rarely notices (or even cares?) that they are watching a TV show in HD.

Just stating what I have noticed, nothing more!  Please don't shoot the messenger!

Perhaps this article from 2006 helps to redress the balance: Why Women Don't Care About HDTV?

- Chris