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Support Details

When it comes to supporting friends, family, whomever remotely - perhaps over the telephone - it is not unusual to spend extended amounts of time just answering the most basic of system detail questions.

A solution comes in the form of the Support Details website.

Granted, the detail returned isn't the most in-depth information and most computer literate users can gleam this kind of information without resorting to such measures, but can you guarantee that great aunt Nellie isn't going to quickly find out and tell you what her current internet facing IP address is...

Auntie Nellie can even email her details to you:

Auntie's email

That's the basics quickly dealt with.  Now Nellie, what was that problem again?

Hmm sounds like a toughie.

May need to use some remote access software to take a look.  Sounds like a job for my  LogMeIn Free Client with Embedded Credentials!

- Chris