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No iTunes One thing irks me about Apple iOS devices is the annoyance of having to use iTunes or some other software of questionable origin to copy music and video files to my device.

In the Android world, this isn’t a problem. I just plug my phone into my laptop, allow the laptop access to the phone storage and copy over files using file explorer.

But nooo, Apple want me to download and run their proprietary software to achieve something that is so simple in the Android world. :unamused:

The Solution: VLC for Mobile

First off, install VLC for Mobile onto your iOS device from Apple App store:

Install VLC for Mobile

Once installed, open the VLC app and click on the Network icon on the menu bar:

VLC network icon

Then, enable Sharing via WiFi and make a note of the URLs listed:

Sharing via WiFi

Next, on your device containing the media that you wish to copy to the iOS device, open a web browser and browse to the URL noted above:

Browse to iOS device

To add media, either drag you media files to the “Drop Files” area or simply click the + button to open a file open dialogue. Could not be simpler.

Open file dialogue

Once done, back on the iOS device, turn off Sharing via WiFi, select your media and enjoy!

Yay Music!

Time for a classic!

Chocolate with Nuts


A round of applause to the VideoLAN dev team to help us to continue to remain iTunes free! :clap: :sunglasses: :clap: