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Purely by accident, we've stumbled across a winning TV show for keeping children quiet. I think you'll be surprised as Mrs H and I were.

Aggie MacKenzie & Kim Woodburn

Yes that's right, Channel 4's How Clean is Your House?

It's probably not all that surprising when you think about it.

The show's hosts Kim and Aggie visit a filthy home, scream a bit, checkout the grease, the grime, the creepy crawlies (a particular favourite with the kids), totter over piles of unstable debris and almost always eventually end up standing around a toilet that looks like it's seen continuous service at the last 20 Glastonbury festivals without a clean in between (yes you guessed it - another children's favourite).

Kim and Aggie then proceed to clean the disgusting abode from to to bottom. At some point, Aggie takes swab samples from the filthiest areas of the place and has them analysed in the lab, allowing her to reveal to the residents what bacteria and other nasties lurk within (again children love this stuff as they can see that the germs Mum and Dad told them about are actually for real!)

Add this to the simple weekly repeating format and you have a children's winner.

There is no bad language, no violence, no sexual content, just 'good clean fun'. What more could you ask for to keep kids quiet?

The icing on the cake is that the show is on after the children's bedtime so it has to be Sky+'ed. This then means that on playback we can just skip the televisual rubbish and get back to the show.

I encourage readers with children of a school going age to give 'How Clean is Your House' a try. You'll not regret it!

If all fails, at least you had thirty minutes away from SpongeBob marathon...

- Chris