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Panic stations everyone! The Sat-Nav is not switching on!!

Good job I was at home and only had to find the location of a birthday party my son had been invited to.  The combination of google maps and my memory got him to the party...  Just.

So, what the.... happened to the sat-nav?

The Garmin nuvi 760... when switched on!

Luckily there is a simple enough fix.  To get the unit functioning again you have to perform a 'soft reset'.  Here's how:
  • Connect the sat-nav to a PC via USB cable
  • Push and hold the power on slider to the on position and hold for 10 to 15 seconds
  • Release the power on slider
  • Try to power sat-nav on as usual.  The unit should switch on as normal
  • Unplug USB cable and you're good to go

Link to the Garmin knowledge base article here

As recommended by the Garmin article, I updated my unit to the latest firmware and software versions.  As I've just experienced a 'bricked' sat-nav, I performed the updates one at a time.

The updates I applied and the versions my unit is now running with (for comparison) are as follows:
  • Chipset firmware / software = 4.80
  • Traffic receiver firmware = 5.50 (will only display and update when the unit is powered via the car cradle)
  • Audio software = 1.60
  • GPS software = 2.90m
I also updated the British 'Emily' and 'Daniel' text to speech voices in the hope they can better pronounce some of the more obscure place names around sunny Kent.  

- Chris