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For those that haven’t seen my previous post on the excellent Fossil Collider Hybrid HR Smartwatch, Take a look.

Follows is a hastily put together collection of watch faces I’ve “designed” for use on any of Fossil’s Hybrid smartwatches

Fossil PolarClouds Fossil PolarClouds Logo Fossil PolarClouds co uk
Fossil Logo Fossil Tag Fossil Rolex

One more for all the Gunners fans out there:

Fossil Arsenal

Thanks again to Kuro Time Design for the base image:

Blank with Numbers

How do they look once applied? Pretty top banana if you ask me:


Simply download any or all of the above and apply via the Fossil Android / iOS app.

As always, checkout the Fossil Hybrids subreddit for lots more designs.

-Chris :sunglasses: :watch: :thumbsup: