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Making technology fit my requirements...

Windows, Linux, Virtualisation, Unified Computing & Cloud Offerings Design Engineer.

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This summer Mars is giving away 100,000 balls at this promotional website

All you need to do is enter a promotional code into the site and click "CHECK CODE". You instantly know if you have won or lost.

What is not widely known is that no purchase is necessary to have a go at winning a ball. Using the "No purchase necessary" link on the site, Mars will email you a code to have a try.

Couple this with a quick disposable email address from Mailinator (my personal favourite) and you are off and running. Mars say that you can only try one email code per 24 hours.

However, given the ease that you can set up an email address on the Mailinator site (basically just use
[anything you like], I'll let you work the rest out for yourselves.

My ball should be turning up soon.

- Chris