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Just found out about this. What an excellent piece of kit. I want one.
TV-B-Gone Kit
What is it?
Put simply this little gizmo will switch off pretty much any TV anywhere, anyplace - even through glass!

Think about it.

How many TV's are there out there? What are they all being used for? Take a walk down your average highstreet. To name just a few, TV's used:
  • in the supermarket - telling you about 2p off a tin of beans
  • in the mobile phoneshop - the latest phones all free with pay through the nose contracts
  • in the travel agents - that flight to Malaga is just too good to miss
  • in the electrical stores - well ok, you get the point
There are even TV's in fast food places... Is there no escape?!?! Not even for five minutes?!?

Wouldn't it be good if you could switch them off?

Also think of the comedy element. This youtube video covers it nicely. It's in French, but you get the drift.


I want one. Oh please.

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- Chris