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Had occasion to visit a customer's site last week.  Business as usual, nothing much to write home about.

All except their hand dryers in the Gents lavatories..... A couple of Dyson AirBlades.

Yea I know strange subject to post about but I feel I need to get this off my chest:

These Frikkin things are DANGEROUS!

Before you think I've totally lost it and this is just some random rant (well, OK you may have me there) let me justify this claim; how the sam hill can a hand dryer be dangerous?

Now, it may just be be me, but every time I use one of these dryers, I end up with wet shirt cuffs.  That is the airblade blows the water off my hands up my sleeves.  The dryer simply blows the water off of my hands and up my arms, resulting in me leaving the gents with wet sleeves.

OK, I admit I may just be using the thing wrong, but surely I'm not the only one?

Sure they dry your hands quick, but at what cost?  I like dry sleeves!

Oh, and have you heard these frikkin things run? Geez they are DEAFENING!

I thought Concord didn't fly any more... but it sure sounds like it does, and it's leaving for New York from the Gents, just outside trap 2!!

Obviously, when we all pay a visit to the we are all subconsciously expecting that at least once our senses, our sense of smell, may be bombarded with unpleasantness. But to leave the Gents with temporary hearing loss also?

OK, its not so much the unit that makes the lion's share of the noise, it's the noise of the air as it passes over your hands at what feels like Mach 3.

Could it be me?  Do I not have very aerodynamic hands?  I don't think so.  I believe my hands are the same as anyone else's...

Don't believe me?  Have a look at this:

Notice how the guy doesn't even try to talk over the racket the thing makes?

Notice his aerodynamic hands?

Notice he's not wearing long sleeves?

I wonder why... ;-)

- Chris