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A quick link-around post detailing the browser extensions I usually install plus a bit of info on each.  The idea is to try and keep a frequently used extension list altogether and up to date.

Some of these extensions add functionality (British English Dictionary for example), some restrict functionality (Addblock Plus for example).  All in all, the goal for installing and using these extensions is make the web a bit more of a bearable, less annoying place.

The extensions listed should work on both Windows and Linux versions on the respective browsers.

The grand-daddy browser for extensions.  If it's available as an extension, chances are it's available for Firefox.

Some up and coming extensions, worthy of a mention.  Spell checking is built into Chrome, so that's one off the list to start with.

There you have it.

What's that?  Internet Explorer?  No sorry, don't use it.

OK, OK, just for you IE fans, have a look at IE7Pro.  With spell check, ad blocking and crash recovery to name just a some of the additional functionality this adds to IE, it should keep you IE fans happy for a while.

I've not used IE7Pro myself, but looks good.  Would be interested if there is anyway to incorporate the Easylist filters (as used with Firefox and Chrome) into the IE7Pro ad blocker...

 - Chris