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It's that time of year again.

Only this time, I have a name for the enemy that plagues us.

Why it's thips (there is no singular term apparently).

Thrips (Order Thysanoptera) are tiny, slender insects with fringed wings (thus the scientific name, from the Greek thysanos (fringe) + pteron (wing)).

Other common names for thrips include thunderflies, thunderbugs, storm flies, thunderblights, and corn lice.

Here is a closer look:

Thrips, a closer look. Pic Wikipedia

Whilst thrips are harmless and totally uninterested in us humans, for the couple of weeks that they are about, these little buggers get everywhere!

In LCD screens:

Behind pictures:

Thrips in picture frame. Pic: ndrwfgg

Click here for supersize picture.  Can you see them?

When they land on you, they move around just enough to make you itch.

Millions of them.  Everywhere.  There is no escape!

I suppose, it's a small price to pay for living so close the beautiful garden of England countryside.  Ah well.

- Chris